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Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea Flower Show

Once upon a time, the Chelsea Flower Show was an obscure, charming and slightly twee event that was roundly ignored by all bar those with a special interest in gardening. But things have changed. This year’s event is currently racking up as much press as Coachella, its more stylish visitors even finding themselves on fashion and lifestyle websites, where their outfits are being praised.

What’s going on? Partly, the interest can be attributed to the pandemic: post-lockdown, we’re all delighted by any social gathering of more than six people. The Queen’s platinum jubilee is also playing a part: the flower show takes place in the royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and the Queen is a longstanding fan. And then there’s Harry Styles. His appearance on the cover of Better Homes & Gardens was the final seal of approval that gardening is cool, a fact that gardeners have known forever, and are currently rolling their eyes about as they plant more begonias. 

PRs could do a lot worse than look at their portfolios for any natural synergies between their clients and the world of horticulture. The appetite for earthy, natural trends and wholesome pastimes is huge. If someone can make “coastal grandma” a trend, “Chelsea Flower Show chic” cannot be far behind. 


What Laura Thinks…

“Not sure what I make of this, but if nothing else it proves how TikTok can skewer things. Baccarat Rouge? Really?”

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