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Clients are your income, something I get it, you and I know that you need to keep them happy. As PRs I know you have to walk the line between pleasing them and not displeasing your journalist contacts and on the contrary, as a journalist there are certain aspects of your ‘client management’ that I am very appreciative of. Some of them are listed below:
  1. Managing your clients expectations in terms of coverage. Four pages on a new treatment package at your hotel? Unlikely. It’s great if you can tell them this rather than me. 
  2. Prompting them to thank the journalist if they have done a good piece. (The inner five year old in us all loves praise and it makes it more likely we will do it again).
  3. Managing the time brand owners talk about their brand – especially on Zoom – there is nowhere for us to go…
  4. Challenging them on their more out-there ideas that involve high levels of journalist participation. 
  5. Vetoing the idea of factory visits. I don’t think i need to expand on this!
I am so much more likely to accept an invite if I know the PR will do the above.
In return I (and I hope my fellow journalists) should:
  1. Recommend you brand owners who ask for a good PR tip.
  2. Deliver on coverage if I/they accept treatments/press trips/products.
  3. Be happy to give endorsements as to your company’s professionalism
  4. Smile and be gracious and courteous when dealing with your brand owners. 
  5. Even when on aforementioned factory visit… 🙂
It’s tempting to fuzz the lines on the above, but sticking to a basic code of conduct makes for a great long term journalist/PR relationship.
Which is a win, win for everyone right?

What Rosie Thinks…

“How have award season get-the-looks changed mid pandemic? Not much. It’s still about producing a beautifully laid out release detailing the products used on your ambassador.  Dior has done a superb job on this one. 
The recipe? Take one beautiful upcoming starlet – Anya Taylor-Joy, add in an exciting makeup artist (Georgie Eisdell) and deliver a satisfyingly detailed (this is crucial) how-to  with glorious visuals.”

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