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From the metaverse and generative AI, to… books: today’s zeitgeist takes from tradition as much as the future, which pleases me.

I wish I was more of a bookworm, but I don’t know how to find the time. Maybe because I’m too busy contributing to the 137+ billion views of #BookTok videos on TikTok (yep, the book market is thriving because of technology, rather than in spite of it). Regardless, the resurgence of libraries and book clubs fascinates me.

A recent Service95 newsletter on the subject made me think about the movement. The fact that books today feel like the height of fashion isn’t only because they can be status symbols and, ergo, Instagram fodder – despite also representing an antidote to tech. It’s because they offer stability, simplicity, and stimulation at once. And spaces to discuss books, like physical or virtual libraries and book clubs, podcasts and radio shows, provide platforms to share stories about stories. “People are hungry for nuanced conversation,” Phoebe Lovatt of the Public Library is quoted as saying in the newsletter announcing The Service95 Book Club.

Why is this useful for PRs and the brands you work with? The sentiment that consumers crave nuance, to connect over stories, engage in critical thinking and exchange ideas in meaningful ways presents opportunities. Recognising the importance of books for wellbeing and self-development could be hugely valuable, while aligning with a specific market that’s both looking to explore different perspectives and expand on knowledge. No doubt working with influencers in the literary world would be a smart move for a wellness or beauty brand with substance, as would sponsoring a literary festival or book club. Even incorporating books into gifting strategies, etc, could be beneficial.

See you in the library if you want to brainstorm it.

What Bridget thinks…

“I chose this not so much for the press release (which is on holiday beauty heroes), but the section on M&S’ approach to sustainability shared below it under ‘notes to editor’. I wish every company presented this transparency as standard.”


Sorry it didn’t hit the mark


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