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With offices still in ‘are-we-aren’t-we open’ limbo, January has greeted me with as many ‘virtual deskside’ requests as detox press releases.

In the olden days (pre-Covid), a traditional deskside usually felt like an opportunity for brands to present PR puff while we sat and listened. But since the Zoom Boom we’ve been getting more content from them.

When it comes to video calls with journos, it’s easy for the client, or an ambassador/expert, to join in too. A great thing!

And in the case of the latter, I’m all for turning the opportunity into interview time in place of a recital of marketing material (which I can digest beforehand). Sure, instead of a regular deskside this then becomes a ‘one-to-one’ – plus you, too, obvs. But in my experience, that equates to a richer outcome for us all.

Naturally, attendance from others isn’t always possible. But where it is I consider it added value, making me much more likely to accept a meeting invite.

Another way I’ve found PRs acing the virtual deskside is by utilising the tech. (When the tech decides to play ball, that is.)

During IRL desksides I’m rarely shown presentations/demos/behind-the-scenes footage – now that’s changed. Maximising the use of tech with different apps enhances our experience like never before, and I’d like to think that those of us on the receiving end appreciate your effort


What Bridget Thinks…

“This dental trends e-blast is packed with content. There’s commentary from a Harley Street dentist, her tweakment trend predictions, data from the British Orthodontic Society, info on new tech for teeth and the costs involved. Sometimes more is more!”


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