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Early bird catches the worm

I enjoy writing about the Oscars: yes, it’s a late night / early start, but worth it for the adrenaline buzz, as well as the opportunity to analyse key trends and the ever-evolving definition of red carpet glamour. They may not be as universally watched as in their peak, but dressing the attendees is still a huge coup, assiduously courted, coveted and crowed about by brands.

After writing about Oscars fashion for a news outlet, at lunchtime I received an email from a PR asking if I could kindly add their brand’s credit to my copy. I replied to say that I couldn’t, explaining that I hadn’t had the relevant information at the time of filing, and was unable to add it now. Last year in this column, I wrote about the need for concise, clear and speedy communication, and how ideally, all information should arrive by 6am. This year, my copy deadline was 9am: not unusual for the Oscars, which happen overnight, and become “old news” very quickly on account of their ubiquity. Journalists have to collate a vast amount of information as swiftly and accurately as they can, a process made much easier if said information is easy to find. Much as I’d have loved to credit this PR’s brand, time constraints prevented me, nor did I have access to the relevant CMS to do so. The moral of the tale? The early bird catches the worm.

What Laura Thinks…

“Props to Dior for their thorough, detailed, illustrated and timely Oscars release, gratefully received on Monday at 07.01am “

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