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No-one is immune from wanting a bit of attention, right?

And there is nothing nicer (well okay there are a few things nicer…) than getting a message after a piece is published saying thank you, and that you and the client are thrilled.

I suspect that from your end it’s great to hear a trip/launch went well.

It just adds a little skip to your step.

At one stage (the boom years – I know I go on about them) I used to get so many flowers/presents it was practically a full time job writing thank you notes. And I’m ashamed to say that sometimes I don’t think I managed it for every single one. To those gifters I whole-heartedly apologise.

Because in my more mature years I know thank yous make a difference. Makes you just that teeny bit more inclined to work with each other again. To answer that e-mail. To do that favour. To go the extra mile.

Plus it’s just the decent thing to do.

At the moment I am in a conundrum about Instagram thank yous.

If someone says something nice about your post do you need to reply? Or is that causing you and them more workload?

I have got a system of sorts. If someone emoji messages, I emoji message back. If someone writes a heartfelt four liner then I try to do the same back.

The truth is, the etiquette of social media is still being written …

Answers on a postcard please….


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