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The biggest story this week is the death of George Floyd. And the protests and the Instagram blackout because of it.

Only it’s not a story is it?

It’s an issue of seismic importance. And a reflection of the pain and suffering of millions and millions, that’s happening now. And for centuries before that.

The beauty industry, inspired by the music industry, came out in solidarity. Many posting black squares on their instagram.

I know most people are paralysed with fear about getting it wrong. Posting a message that is in someway offensive or patronising.

And the beauty industry, often accused of being shallow and less than inclusive, is up for more criticism than most.

It’s interesting lesson for influencers. No-one can hide behind their magazine titles. People engage with us for us. What we think. What we are doing.

Do followers want or expect us to comment. Are we helping or hindering by doing so?

I looked at my friend Nadine Baggott’s instagram. She talks abut ‘struggling to know what to say.’ She asked her followers what they wanted from her? Normal content or a discussion? She says ‘all I ask is that you be respectful.’

I’ve noticed many more e-mails from brands and PR’s asking for feedback.

It seems the world is on receive right now. (Except for Trump).

And that is a good thing right?

Let’s ask.

Let’s listen.


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