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So this morning I met with a PR I really like. She’s interesting and interested, understands the way it all works, has lots of clients, some of whom are a good fit for my publications.

An hour in her company is a joy (especially when the meeting takes place at The Wolseley and there is avocado on toast involved).

It was a great one on one.

At the end of last year I was due to meet the PR and a client of hers. I had met the client before and knew her to be feisty and full on (fine) and pushy (not so fine). Plus I wasn’t convinced her range was a good fit for my publications and thus I would just be entering a world of ‘when are you featuring’ pain.

So I cancelled. I should have fessed up to the PR and said I’m just not that into said client but I didn’t.

The thing is the PR had recently left a major job, was going out on her own and was feeling vulnerable herself. So she thought I was cancelling because she was no longer with a powerful brand.

For me a lesson was learnt. Be honest.


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