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This week, people have been able to talk of nothing else but the heatwave – that is, when they’ve been able to muster the energy to talk at all. Britain is melting along with the ice caps. If you are an environmentalist, you politicise the hot weather. If you are a PR, you try to promote things off the back of it. Not all weather is news, but, like any extreme, July’s weather is most definitely newsworthy.

For fashion and lifestyle journalists, this likely means serving their readerships with a slew of problem-solving features that run the gamut from “how to stay cool in hot weather” to “beauty fixes that will withstand a heatwave”. Granted, these aren’t ground breaking topics, but service pieces are well-read at this time of year, plus new trends and innovations keep copy fresh. I’ve lost count of the “hot weather” pitches I’ve received in recent days: there’s been a deluge. How to stand out? Pitches with a news or statistic-verified hook will garner more attention than simply pitching linen / facial mist / SPF 50, as will pitches rooted in fact.

My least favourite pitches are those offering really obvious “advice”: nobody needs to be told to avoid caffeine before bedtime, or heavy foundation on a hot day. Yes, the weather is giving us all brain fog, but we can do better than this. 


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