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“I’m waiting.” Two words that strike fear into any school child’s heart.

We’ve done a lot of waiting this year haven’t we? Waiting to see if restrictions lift; waiting to launch products; waiting to see if brands will sink or swim; waiting to see what happens to the media landscape; and of course, waiting for coverage.

One PR friend of mine has recently quit as she says she struggles with the arbitrary nature of coverage. You can spend hours, or even days, securing it and then in one down page of a section or on the deciding whim of a boss, the product/place doesn’t go in, and all your work is wasted.

I experienced this when I recently sent out some products for a collaboration I was working on, to my influencer friends.

I wanted to be clear there was no expectation they posted about it on Instagram, but obviously it would be great if they did.

Some did, some didn’t. Some did the day the products arrived, for others it took a week.

I know for me, it can take weeks till I post up products I get sent. It may be that I have a big project on, and I don’t have the time. It might be that the timing is not right (sun products when it’s raining). Or, sometimes they just don’t light my fire. You need to wait, and I know that’s hard. I think after a few weeks you can nudge. 

How hard should you nudge? Everyone is different but the gentle ‘I hope you got xxx’ works for me. 

We all know what that is code for, and then you’ve done all you can.


What Rosie Thinks…

“Sometimes timing is everything and as the temperature rises the allure of a lush, fresh fragrance grows. Now coverage is so immediate, arriving in inboxes at exactly the right time has never been more critical. This release hit the sweet spot – oh and the beautiful still life and evocative words help too.”

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