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Would it be heresy to suggest a cross-party initiative for PRs to join that shares intel? I’m saying this today because the struggle to control Christmas-related communications is real and very, very time consuming.

I feel like I put out information a few weeks ago about who was looking after what with gift guides, taste tests and so on, but it would be foolish to expect every PR in Britain to have seen that, or kept hold of it. And the deluge of information continues, despite all of my Christmas content being pretty much (apologies for the pun) wrapped up.

I feel like a database, regularly updated, on the major publications and websites’ plans, deadlines and points of contact would be invaluable and worth a small financial investment from agencies to target their pitches and releases really tactically.

I say all this conscious of all the good work that Roxhill itself does in matching journalists with PRs. And maybe it’s just me being a juggler of quite a few roles pleading for help with having to ignore and block-delete emails with regret. But as with dogs and other things, it’s not just for Christmas… In fact, there are so many events across the calendar for which it would be relevant, it’s a year-round winner (and money spinner). Something to chew on over a Pret Christmas sandwich, perhaps?

What Lisa thinks…

“Gosh, where to start? There are a lot of buzz phrases in here which make me feel about a hundred years old but underneath it all, I admire the spin on the gadget of the moment, the bloomin’ ubiquitous air fryer.”

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