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I was going to write about something else entirely this week but then I caught sight this morning of photographs of Kim Kardashian and her current boyfriend Pete Davidson at The River Cafe in London.

The reality TV star and her comedy beau (read that how you will) are in London for the Jubilee weekend apparently, although I don’t think we can expect an appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. And they had dinner at the celebrity haunt in Hammersmith.

One assumes they are very well briefed on the most wonderful places to eat in the capital, hence the River Cafe. But what interests me is how the restaurant reacted and it got me thinking about how PRs handle such splashy endorsements. 

On the one hand, certain people will be excited and impressed and perhaps potential customers will learn about a restaurant they weren’t aware of; on the other, for a venue known for its storied clientele and discreet appeal, it’s a bit… garish?

I’m no snob, I hasten to add. I love a star spot and have no shame in asking for selfies with celebs if I think my children will be impressed. But brands are nothing without their reputation (which is why Chanel continues to raise its prices beyond stratospheric levels to keep its garments and accessories exclusive). Where is Kim on the star-ometer, I wonder? I’ll be watching both her and the restaurant’s social media to see what happens next…


What Lisa Thinks…

“I am old enough to remember Mateus Rose’s reputation so this release about its new look tickled me, but I wonder what percentage are too young (it’s nice either way, tbh!)”


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