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I know Dante reserved a special place in hell for flatterers, but I’m sure this audience will forgive me when I say I took a moment this week to appreciate how much easier some PRs make my day.

I’ve been working on a piece for an interiors magazine about the rise in fashion brands launching homeware lines. My initial queries to two contacts at high street brands resulted in swift replies from both. Always welcome when you’re on a swift turnaround.

But the thing that made my day was that both my contacts also thoughtfully sent through beautiful images of their collections that were easily accessed. The first clearly laid out within the body of the email. The second via embedded links to PR Shots that led directly to relevant imagery.

Oh, the bliss of not having to open attachments, download attachments or plough through WeTransfer or Dropbox.

I could have kissed them. Luckily for them I was miles away.

Maybe it doesn’t sound like a biggie, but when you’re time-pressed and dealing with multiple brands and contacts (and never working on just one story at a time) the PRs who have the foresight to see what you need and how you need it are a blessing sent straight from heaven.

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