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When I’ve got a whole host of emails to get through from brands and PR agencies, each one containing a whole host of new fashion imagery, it can be overwhelming.

There are two things that can really help to ensure that I see your new collection.

If I have to go through a 6-step process of clicks and downloads in order to look at a picture of the product you’ve just spent two hundred words telling me about, I’m afraid the chances are I’m not going to see it.

Or at least not immediately.

Exactly this thing just happened. An email from a high street brand about its new Autumn/Winter collection had one lifestyle image at the top, a press release and then every other image hidden several clicks away in a We Transfer file. Agh…

Wouldn’t it be better to hit me up with multiple highlights latest from your client’s collection the moment that I open your email?

It’s perfectly possible to do. Just embed your images in the body of the email. Preferably in a lovely grid.

Alexa Chung’s PR team at Karla Otto are really good at this. I’ve included their latest example below as my release of the week. Hope that helps.

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What Kate Thinks... "This grid of product imagery delivers the key product from the collection immediately. The catwalk images are also helpful." See press release


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