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Sometimes, in fact quite a lot of times, I miss paper press releases. I know that’s probably heresy in the age of the paperless office (yeah right), when postage prices are going up and sending information by snail mail must seem hopelessly slow. But the truth is, my email inbox is just horrible.

If I want to really consider a place, person, book, restaurant or foodstuff, I want to do that – consider it – not glance at an email which will then most likely get buried by a hundred or so more within a few hours. 

I do print out emails if I want to read over a release in my own time (usually while snatching a sandwich away from my screen) but if there are attachments then it all gets a bit fiddly. Ditto if the release involves spreads from a book or a run-down of a lot of new products.

I’d really welcome the views of PRs on this – is life made easier by crafting a digital package or do you (or your clients) like the idea of putting something literally in an editor’s hands? Answers on a postcard…


What Lisa Thinks…

“It’s unusual for a press release for a book to come with a Spotify playlist, but since it’s about women and alcohol, I’d give it a spin…”

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