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This week, I got a (very polite) email from a PR to ask whether I had any more thoughts about her (very good) idea.

In most circumstances, I hate emails that ask me a) whether I got an email and b) whether it’s of interest. If I don’t come back to you, I’m not interested. And by sending another you’ve just added to my inbox.

However, as this PR knew, I had said I was interested right from the start, but was travelling and couldn’t commit to an interview. So I asked that she got in touch when I was back at my desk, which she did.

Reminders like this are incredibly helpful. Not only am I away a lot – and my head is in a different space in another country – but I leave my precious data-filled Filofax-cum-contacts book at home when I’m travelling, which means I can’t commit to future dates. (I know I should have a digital diary, but a) I look at screens all the time, and can’t bear the idea of spending any more time on them; b) my Filofax has my entire life’s contacts in it and c) I love a pencil and rubber.)

So, if I have responded positively, please give me a little nudge in a week or two. If I’ve said I’m interested, I am. It’s just I just haven’t had time to follow it up. Or have been swamped with work when I’ve got back.

If you’d give me a date by which you need an answer that would help, too. There’s nothing that focuses a journalist’s mind like a deadline.


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