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Rethinking strategies

From time to time, one of my published features leads to a PR pitching me a feature in a similar vein. Presumably, they’ve read said feature, liked it – or specifically, liked the coverage it afforded the person or brand in question – and have decided they’d like similar coverage for one of their clients. I’m never sure whether the directive has come from the PR, or from their client. Nor will I ever: the extent to which brands pressure their PRs (“x got a spread in the Daily Blah – why can’t you get that for me?”) is a trade secret to which, as a journalist, I will never be party. 

Earlier this week, I received one such pitch. The PR wondered whether I’d consider x as a news story similar to the one I wrote about y in a newspaper. He proceeded to pitch me the story. Alas, it was nothing like the story I’d written on x, which had not only had a strong news element, but a host of strong visuals to accompany. By contrast, y was a damp squib, with no news merit whatsoever. I had to decline. 

The moral of the story is this: to a journalist, “news” needs to mean more than just “news about your brand”. A new style of bag in a new colourway really isn’t enough. The best PRs know this instinctively. The rest need to rethink their strategies.

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 “As one of the thousands who missed out on tickets, this definitely caught my eye. My friends and I used to joke that “it would be easier to form a band”…I ‘m sure this will get loads of traction.”

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