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Some honest dialogue about press trips

I worry about all the Substacks I’m subscribed to and never have time to read, so like a press release, the subject line or header has to be pretty compelling for me to click it. And so it was with the reliably brilliant Debora Robertson’s latest ‘Lickedspoon’ instalment.

It said ‘the truth about press trips’, which of course gripped me (you can read it at the link below). I’m thinking more than usual about press trips because, as mentioned in last week’s newsletter, I’m planning a travel special for the Telegraph Magazine at the moment. (Side note: bravo to those PRs who read it and immediately sent me ideas!)

There’s no shortage of ideas from my team too, and to differentiate it from the regular, excellent travel section in the Telegraph, we’re brainstorming themes. Naturally I always think about food and travel as that’s what makes my decisions for me, when it comes to holiday the restaurants, cafes and food markets?” is question one!

All this is leading to ANOTHER question, because I’ve been contacted about a few terrific trips coming up with restaurant chefs or other hospitality owners – and while the opportunities are very tempting indeed, I have to balance their requirements with a fully editorial feature at the end of it.

Two of my more successful trips have been to Japan to study the world of Kobe beef, and to India in search of the perfect mango… Both worked well because there wasn’t a direct UK brand to represent. 

In short, I’m very much not against it, in fact I’m considering a trip with a very famous UK restaurant because I know the content will be fascinating – but it will require an honest conversation about there being a light touch on their name in the feature. Are clients happy about that? I’d welcome some honest dialogue.

What Lisa thinks…

“If you share my guilt about crisp packets, this is great news and well presented (but maybe include a pack shot as well as the jaunty founder image?)”

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