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What are you working on this week?

“What are you working on this week?” is a question I am asked a lot. Before January is out, I’d like to write about a sportswear brand I’ve seen everyone wearing. It’s not a new brand, and some edgier publications might roll their eyes that I’m “only just” picking up on it. I worked on The Face in the nineties, babez: been there, done that, not my beat any more. 

It may not be new, but the brand has reached a critical mass that makes it relevant to the readerships of the publications I write for. But with no obvious news peg, I know my window of opportunity is closing. With fitness front of mind in January, the month alone is a hook. February will be a tougher sell.

I’ve approached the brand’s PR with my intentions, and have asked them to dig around for any suitable hooks, as I am doing. I hope it will end up being a collaborative effort – my preferred way of working, and, I’d guess, that of most journalists. Press releases are great for keeping informed, but by necessity, they give everyone the same information. By telling them of my specific wants and needs, I’m hoping the PR for this brand will come up with tailored information that works for the publication I’m intending it for. Let’s see.

What Laura Thinks…

 “As one of the thousands who missed out on tickets, this definitely caught my eye. My friends and I used to joke that “it would be easier to form a band”…I ‘m sure this will get loads of traction.”

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