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First week back at work and I’m already deep into research for my latest interiors story, a trends piece on the rise of wallpaper. It’s everywhere at the moment – and one of those things that once you start noticing you can’t stop, like prams when you’re pregnant.

TV dramas have seemed to be taunting me particularly with their sets including wild, grand and claustrophobic wallpapers –yes, The Queen’s Gambit, I’m mainly talking to you.

But off screen there’s just as much interest in mesmeric wall coverings, which add interest, depth and talking points to homes, hotels and restaurants. Not that we can actually see any of the latter two for the next seven weeks (sob!), should you need reminding…

I’m interested in hearing from anyone with a client who can back up this trend or give some design perspective. Not brand mentions for the sake of it, but intelligent and perceptive comments welcome. And any concrete stats and numbers that can attest to an increase in popularity.

As while you’re at it, as we’re certainly all going to be spending a lot of time at our four walls for the time being, perhaps it is the ideal time to reconsider that light grey paint…

What Kate Thinks…

“One release I received in this first week introduced the mood for 2021: classics. Seasonal trends with quick turnarounds are just not making sense in these times, so what cuts through? Classic luxury items, that’s what. The messaging from luxury brand, Cartier, is that it’s all about their ‘icons’, a return to the pieces of jewellery that are timeless. Another embargoed release from a luxury retailer, backed this up with a new campaign that celebrates classic wardrobe pieces landing next week. The emphasis from these market leaders is on reliable pieces, timeless design and, of course, recognisable status symbols. With luxury brands really not taking too much of a hit last year, thanks to a successful third quarter, other brands would do well to note this messaging and direction.”

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