A new location for BBC business – and perhaps a new mindset

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Anew location for BBC business - and perhaps a new mindset

A fresh era began today, when BBC’s business team, at least for Today and the World Service, began broadcasting from Salford.

Not all journalists agreed to go, The Times reported in September, suggesting this might leave a “significant gap in expertise”.

Maybe, or maybe there will be new recruits every bit as professional as those that stay in London.

In the Sunday Times this week Ollie Shah notes that the rejigged unit will be called Money and Work. (Not Business and Money, say)

The Beeb’s move North is probably long overdue and if levelling up is going to mean anything more big organisations will have to follow.

Shah makes the point that not many CEOs are going to be able to drop into the Salford office for face-to-face interviews on results day, but maybe that also needs to change.

I think the location of the business team, especially in the age of Zoom, might be less of an issue than the BBC’s traditional attitude to business reporting.

Shah quotes someone who knows the BBC well: “It doesn’t really like business or want to understand it. It has a mindset that it’s all a bit mysterious, and somehow a bit dirty.”

That is at least partly true.

It too often tends to see £1 of profit as £1 of taxation failure. How did that £1 escape the government coffers, its rightful place?

Perhaps the move North can be part of that mindset shifting, of the Beeb seeing businesses as possible forces for good, rather than just flash offices in London whose sole purpose is to pay for things we actually like.

Which shares should do well in an inflationary environment?

Brewin Dolphin has some answers here. It has five categories: Consumer brands like Nestle, healthcare firms, specialist property funds, high quality stocks like Apple and funds that benefit from changes in monetary policy.

It will be interesting to see if those new investors who joined the stock market during lockdown stay or go.

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