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A PR plan for the Prince and Princess

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aren’t enjoying the best press just now. Ahem. A trend that has got worse, entirely coincidentally, since they had the brilliant idea of suing the Mail on Sunday.

I’d suggest either they are ignoring the advice they have been getting, or they’ve been getting some terrible advice.

My PR plan for them is two words long: Stop Talking.

But I tried the big brains of City PR — as well as people high up in Tulchan, Powerscourt and Citigate — for something meatier.

Some bullets:

1)    Declare they want to press re-set on their relationship with the media. Publicly say, hey, can we start over? Admit they haven’t always got it right; have done some things they regret. Say that suing the press was an emotional decision and a mistake.

2)    Shift the narrative totally. Stop with the covert trips to watch a tennis match. Stop the climate change stuff and signing bananas for sex workers. Stop preaching lefty stuff then doing the opposite. Don’t design clothes, don’t edit Vogue.

3)    Focus on Africa, wildlife, sure, but pick a couple of non-partisan UK charity issues, like disability, homelessness, cancer, etc. And support them. Start acting like a Royal not a B list Hollywood celeb. 

4)    Keep quiet, smile, show off the baby, go and visit a refuge in Hull. If you have to talk – stop complaining about how difficult your life is.

5)    Make it up with your brother – we loved you as a team and another generation of Royals at war with each other is not a good look.

6)    Take a long hard look at Princess Anne – she is a pretty good role model.

The Royal Family are ardent readers of Tomorrow’s Business, so we can be sure this will get passed along.


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