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A special offer from Zipcar

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A special offer from Zipcar

When are hacks and flaks going to return to the office? Not before September is my guess.

How will we get there? I am far from alone in thinking that a crowded tube looks like even less fun than usual. We always knew that the tube was unhealthy, but tended to regard it as one of the prices you pay for living in London.

That trade-off no longer seems reasonable.

Some of us will cycle. Another way is to drive, which brings me to a special offer from Zipcar for TB readers.

It will wave its usual £99 annual fee for the first year and stick £30 in your account.

You have to download the app to your phone and there are some eligibility criteria to fulfil, but if you’re a working hack or flak – you qualify. (They will check).

I’ve been trying it this week and it’s great. It’s a bit fiddly at first but the account support is excellent.

There’s always been a car within five-minutes walk and once you get the hang of the tech it’s straightforward.

As for the cars, I must note that VW Polo’s were not made with the 6-foot tall, medium well-upholstered gentleman in mind.

I’ve also had a Ford Focus and a Hyundai both of which were great.

Some might say that London hardly needs more cars on the road. On the other hand, since there will be far fewer people travelling to offices in general, a few extra hire cars should be manageable.

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