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Amazon boss is out of this world, part II

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Amazon boss is out of this world, part II

Yesterday we mused whether space-cadet Jeff Bezos is the most astonishingly tone-deaf CEO, at least on this planet.

And were curious about why this doesn’t seem to do his business any harm.

We might, as customers, decide on occasion to boycott Tesco, or Barclays, or Wetherspoon’s or Sport Direct.

With Amazon, well, we’ve mostly all decided that it is too handy to avoid.

Which means neither it nor Bezos need any PR. Which means y’all are out of a job.

A correspondent takes issue: “The leaders you mention seem fine whilst their company delivers (i.e. they have a strong capability reputation), but as soon as their corporate performance falters then all bets are off – their lack of character reputation will really hurt them. The media will be merciless.”

Maybe, but my point remains that they don’t care. There is a CEO class entirely above public and press opinion, which I don’t think we have ever had before to this extent.

(Bezos owns The Washington Post of course just to ensure there is at least one publication that agrees with him.).

Is the Bezos/Trump model (not caring less) a good one for business leaders to follow?

You’d have to say not, but mini-Bezos’s are cropping up all over the place in tech land.

If there is another tech crash like there was in 2000, we get to laugh at them.

If they really are that smart, who cares what we think?

Press release of the day

One in six UK businesses have set net zero targets, says this from Accenture/IHS Markit.

Is that a lot, or not enough?

Rachel Barton at Accenture said: “Sustainability issues have shot up the corporate agenda in the last 18 months, with greater expectations on businesses to translate words into action.”


Amazon boss is out of this world

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