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Are you stupid, or just pretending to be stupid?

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A really interesting tweet thread here from James Coney, money editor of The Times and Sunday Times.

In it, he explains the background to an investigation into Wellesley Finance, a bond firm run by aristocrat Graham Wellesley, the 8th Earl Cowley.

He talks us through how the hacks, in particular Ali Hussain, got interested in Wellesley in the first place. And what happened next. And next after that.

There are swipes at PRs for obfuscation and my favourite line: “I cannot tell you how many times a day Ali gets told he hasn’t understood something by someone who doesn’t want to answer a difficult question.”

That rings a bell. A while ago some flak asked me if I was stupid or just pretending to be stupid. (Sometimes both.)

Typically, hacks don’t like to reveal their methods, lest they are giving away the magic.

I think we should do so more often, as Coney does here. It is honest, quite powerful stuff I think.


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