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Mostly, budgets are dull affairs. The interesting stuff has been pre-announced in the Sunday papers. The rest of us are left scraping over the minutiae.

This Wednesday is different. It’s a very new Chancellor in a still very new government. Oh, and the world stock markets just crashed in every direction.

Which means poor Rishi Sunak might be rapidly re-writing a budget that was already going to be a last minute job.

My normal argument about budget days is that there is no point your client being one of the 97 people to send us an email telling us what we can figure out just from watching the tele.

On Wednesday, even the blindingly obvious might be of some value, because it is all going to be new.

I think budget day this year is going to be total chaos inside newsrooms.

More so than usual, it’s a day for flaks not to be in the way by endlessly phoning to check we’ve got a press release they sent yesterday about the window cleaning industry.

But actually smart, forward thinking stuff explaining the implications of what the Chancellor just said will be even more welcome than usual.


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