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Cultural sensitivity at Newcastle United (really)

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Cultural sensitivity at Newcasle United (really)

Ping. A press release from Newcastle United. The football club is “kindly asking supporters to refrain from wearing traditional Arabic clothing” at matches, unless that is what they wear anyway (it isn’t).

Newcastle fans have embraced the takeover of their beloved club by a Saudi Arabia consortium — the YouTube videos of lads in robes drinking and dancing to house music are a laugh – multi culturalism in action.

Newcastle warns, that while the new Saudi owners were not in any way offended by all this, “there remains the possibility that dressing this way is culturally inappropriate”.

All of which serves only to remind us that the new owners’ record on human rights is erm, relegation form.

I find chopping people’s hands off culturally inappropriate, and murdering journalists who displease you very bad manners.

You are directed to a link which offers to tell us more about Newcastle’s “dedicated inclusion brand”.

It would be interesting to know what prompted this “guidance on matchday attire”.

Newcastle play Crystal Palace this Saturday.

If I were a Palace fan, I might have some fun with all this at Newcastle’s expense.

If you can’t take a joke, don’t buy Newcastle United.

Press release of the day

Most people don’t trust crypto currencies and a vast majority don’t believe it will ever become legal tender, says this from Traders of Crypto.

The vast majority are wise, I’d say.

Mind you, some respondents think Cardano is a cheese and Ethereum is a drug.


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