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Inflation was the biggest story today and will be again at least one day a month until it stops going up.

Most of what dropped into my inbox on the topic was predictable. And frequently, it lurched straight into commenting on the news before it even told us what the news was.

If we have to go and check what it is you’re talking about, it slows us down, which is the opposite of what you are trying to do.

There is loads and loads of the predictable stuff – inflation is high, this is bad.

The stuff that stood out went one of two ways.

Either, like this bit here, it put inflation in a different context, it compared those rises to something else. In this case house prices.

The other stuff that caught the eye was the commentary that went against the flow. The experts saying that inflation has probably peaked, rather than that it is just going to keep going up.

Talking of inflation PR, I think the Bank of England might need some. It has made a hash of all this.

So far as I know, the Bank hasn’t had a top City PR firm on retainer before. First time for everything.

This here tells us about a new initiative what I bet is going to be popular, the Electric Car Scheme.

A soft launch has seen more than 100 companies already sign up to a deal similar to the Cycle to Work deal.

It offers 30-60% savings on any electric car lease done via employers.

It doesn’t cost the companies anything, we are told.

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