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Lettuce Liz Is Worst PM Ever, Says Our Poll

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Lettuce Liz is worst PM ever, says our poll

When Tony Blair found himself in a pickle, to the extent that enemies truly thought he might be done for, he always seemed to have a magic way out.

Some PR stunt, or some strong Commons performance. And, with one bound, he was free…

Liz Truss doesn’t have those skills. The Daily Star is enjoying its competition to see which lasts longer – an iceberg lettuce, or Lettuce Liz.

But the feeling from today is that she did just about well enough at PM’s Questions to buy herself some time.

With a lucky break here and there, she believes she can beat that lettuce.

For our Find Out Now poll today, we were curious to know who people think has been the UK’s worst Prime Minister.

Lettuce Liz is top at 33%, with Bungler Boris next at 15%.

We also asked how likely people think it is that she will lead the Conservatives into the next election – 48% say “not likely at all”.

We asked other questions too, including a “free text” poll that allows people to insert their own answers. This means every answer is slightly different, but you can detect themes and sometimes, very rude jokes.

If you could say one thing to Liz Truss now, what would it be, we asked.

A few replies: Give up while you still have some dignity left. In the name of God, go. And, rather sweetly, Are you ok?

You can see the full results below.

Press release of the day

A nice quote here from SlothMove on the UK housing market, which is “like an ageing rock group on their 10th farewell tour – yet its merchandise prices continue to shock”.

More like that, please.

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2) Will AJ Bell capitalise from confusion at rival Hargreaves?

3) Are government cost cuts good for Segro?

4) Will JP Morgan follow Goldman Sachs and eventually quit the UK retail banking market?


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