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Lynched: RMT is Winning Strike PR Battle

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Lynched: RMT is winning strike PR battle

The other day Piers Morgan had a go, a bit bizarrely, at RMT leader Mick Lynch’s Facebook profile.

Lynch has a picture of The Hood, a baddie from the Thunderbirds TV series.

To Morgan, this comparison was a clear sign that Lynch has evil designs.

To Lynch, it’s just a joke. He looks a bit like him. The consensus seems to be that Morgan is silly.

The RMT gag department responded by posting a picture of Morgan at a party with Ghislaine Maxwell.


Earlier this week Lynch absolutely owned Kay Burley in an interview that fairly rapidly dissolved into him just taking the mickey out of her.

I’ve only watched it 50 or 60 times.

You don’t have to back the strikers to think the RMT in general and Lynch specifically, are just knocking this one out of the park.

I said earlier I’m not sure which side I’m on here, but I can tell which one is winning the PR battle.

Lynch is not to everyone’s taste. You could find him a bully on occasion. And I think it is fair to say that the RMT changes its story when it suits, suddenly denying ever having said something you’re pretty sure they did say.

It seems to be working though. The Independent today took to the streets of Tiverton to see what they think.

The conclusion: voters are seeing everything through the cost of living crisis that is so affecting their lives, and even Tories in rural Devon think the union has got a point.

It is amazing how effective it is to have spokesperson who a) knows what he is talking about and b) takes the issues – but not himself- seriously.

It will never catch on.

Press release of the day

There’s a £32 billion gap between what HMRC is owed in tax and what it actually manages to collect, says this from Tax Justice UK.

One in three of us underpay, says the research.

Peters, Head of Advocacy at Tax Justice UK, said: “The tax gap has been vast for years now, with little sign the government is doing enough to tackle it.”

Stories that will keep rolling

1) Did retail sales contract despite inflation? How much would they be down without it?

2) How badly are air cancellations hitting On the Beach?

3) Why hasn’t the Russian rouble completely collapsed?

4) Would an online sales tax be worse for small firms or for Amazon?


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