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Message To The King: Do Carry On

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Message to the kings: Do carry on

Has Prince Harry’s PR blitz had the effect he desired?

Well, his publisher says sales of his kiss and tell book are “beyond expectations” — more than 400,000 copies already.

There’s some scepticism about this, with The Telegraph noting that only one person was in a London queue to buy the book as it came out.

Beyond that, how have the book and the TV interviews been received?

The New York Times asked the obvious question of Harry and Meghan: “Once they have exhausted the topic of themselves, what is left for them to talk about?”

There has been plenty of money stuff.

German tabloid Bild said: “Harry betrays his family for €154 million”.

He has sold “every last bit of morality” say the Germans. I think he may have a bit more to go.

In the liberal UK media, there has been the hope that this unseemly squabble surely signals the end of the Royal family.

But then The Guardian and Channel 4 have a tendency to report what they think should happen, rather than what is actually happening.

I think the Royal Family might just shrug this off before long, with the public still largely in favour of its existence.

For our Find Out Now poll this week we asked whether Prince Harry’s revelations made people less favourable to the monarchy in general and to King Charles specifically.

Short answer: not really.

You can see the full results below.

Press release of the day

Which areas have seen the biggest rise in hourly pay, asks this from CMC Markets.

Melton has seen pay up 35% to £17.99 in the last year. Sutton, Bury and others have also done well.

CMC Markets’ chief market analyst Michael Hewson said: “What’s fascinating to see is the huge wage growth in so many areas, and how it isn’t just tied to one area. This wage growth is also seen outside of financial hubs and major cities, which may make people question whether the inner city pressure is worth it.” 

Stories that will keep rolling

1) Was the Ocado joint venture an aid or a hindrance to M&S over Xmas?

2) Is Tesco fending off Aldi and Lidl or not?

3) Is US inflation now falling?

4) Is this FTSE rally just bound to run out of steam?


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