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A CHUCKLE here at the expense of Mumsnet, the website for parents whose name, in these gender neutral days, is beginning to look out of date.

Unless men can also be mums. I don’t know anymore.

Anyway, The Times reports that Flora has pulled its advertising from Mumsnet following complaints that the website was giving a platform to transphobic comments.

The Telegraph’s take on this was headlined “The curious case of Mumsnet, Flora margarine and the spread of fascism in the trans-gender debate”.

Margarine? Fascism?

Mumsnet tried to spin it the other way by suggesting its members are boycotting Flora. But it started with Flora pulling their adverts.

Hacks with a memory think this is funny because it was Mumsnet which originally started organising boycotts of companies advertising with the News of the World back in 2011. It was the advertisers pulling out that eventually made News International close The Screws.

Whatever you thought of that paper, it employed some awfully good hacks who led investigations that saw many serious criminals locked up.

So Mumsnet is quite happy to instigate boycotts of advertisers. But it doesn’t like it when companies pull their advertising from them.

Hacks are tempted to stock up on Flora as a gesture of support.

Tricky thing, this boycotting business.



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