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никогда не возвращайся (never go back)

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никогда не возвращайся (never go back)

Wednesday’s Evening Standard had a striking front page, on news of the death of 52 children in Ukraine.

We’ll Never Forgive Putin, ran the header.

That companies should already have stopped doing business in or with Russia is clear, though it isn’t always straightforward.

Cat Rutter Pooley in today’s FT notes that “The corporate retreat from Russia is going to be messy” and reports that there are 48 M&S stores in Russia, which it can’t shut since they are owned by a Turkish franchisee.

Meanwhile, The Independent lists 50 companies still doing business with Putin and co.

In The TimesEd Warner says “Consumers will vote with their feet when firms return to Moscow”, and that’s the big point.

Can UK businesses that invested heavily in Russia ever go back? Will consumers ever forgive a business which hastily tried to do that?

Our Find Out Now poll today asked: “A number of the high-profile brands have ceased doing business with and in Russia.  Under what circumstances do you think they should resume, if at all?  (Please tick all that apply)

The most striking figure is: that 11% say “never”; 63% say the businesses can only return when “Putin is removed from power”.

More than half of us think we are more productive away from the office says this from Marketing Signals.

And an even higher portion would move jobs if offered the chance to work remotely on a permanent basis.

It has the phrase “digital nomads”, which I hadn’t heard before.

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