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Hacks have been able, theoretically, to get themselves removed from press lists for ages.

Those that have done so tell me it took ages, and met considerable resistance.

The arrival of GDPR gives us all another chance. Emails inviting us to be taken off lists are arriving steadily. They are taking different approaches; some say do nothing and we’ll keep sending you stuff. Others specifically ask us to opt in.

It will be interesting to see what happens next. In theory, flak land is a blight on our lives. We’d be rid of you in a second if we could.

I think for many hacks, fully paid up members of the awkward squad aside, the fear of missing stuff they need might well override the desire to be left alone.

So, an optimistic scenario emerges. Hacks take the opportunity to prune their incoming emails, but keep the stuff they want/aren’t sure they don’t want.

Flaks are able to better target their messages to people who actually need to receive them. PR spam declines. Communications improve.

Alternatively, both sides make a complete hash of it and rows ensue. I’ll report back.


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