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Proper pictures please part II

Yesterday we moaned about the pictures coming our way from flak-land, noting that the typical offer is a very boring picture of a 50-something man in a suit, which is apparently either photocopied from his passport or comes from a police line-up.

One area where I will concede it is tricky is with pics of women in business.

Editors, not just the male ones, like pictures of women.

But they are scrutinised in ways the boring 50-something male never has to endure.

Is the female boss serious? Is she a bit sexy? Does she know it? Can you see her legs?

Don’t write in to say this is sexist. I know. But that hardly starts and ends with me or the picture editor.

As I noted yesterday, the risk here is that in the name of caution, the female CEO and her flak provide really boring pictures.

So we use the one of her falling out a taxi.

The only solution here is to spend some proper money on some proper shots which can hold a page without anyone’s embarrassment.

The female CEO might protest that it is not her job to make newspapers look jolly.

Why can’t we just listen to what she has to say?

Fair enough. Be cross. And get some decent pics taken.

Once it stops being noticeable that the boss is a woman, we will stop noticing.

Until then…


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Proper pictures please!

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