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Your mobile phone is killing you.

This story in the New York Times is far from the only piece making the case. Some more flippantly than others

Your phone is bad for your memory, your attention span, your creativity and your productivity. So even when it isn’t killing you, it is making you worse at your job.

I think the hack and flak trade has got a particular problem here. Folk who do other, normal, jobs simply are not expected to be attached to their phone to anything like the same degree.

The notion that we are supposed to be available at all times is a fallacy generally put around by boss types (not mine, he never answers his, fair play).

I think once it has been definitely, scientifically proven that your phone is bad for you, HR departments might intervene with something helpful (a first for HR, perhaps).

Until then, I think it’s time for a collective rebellion. This could start small. No one – no one – answers any email after 3pm on Friday.

They can’t sack us all. Surely.


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