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The four best things in my inbox today

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Boom, as I believe they say on the internet. The flak trade was on good form today. Among the usual spam there were at least four strong releases, all of which could be worked up into something decent.

To my mind, the hack trade has it wrong about press releases, thinking they have to be complete, to just require some re-writing.

It seems to me, if they offer a good place to start for our own research, that’s a result.

1) Homeowners are “remortgaging like crazy” says this from Despite rate rises, the mortgage market is so competitive that folk can still negotiate themselves to a lower monthly payment. What does this mean for house prices? For bank profits? As they remortgage, are they also taking money out of the house? Is this to splurge on holidays or to pay off other debt?

2) Hargreaves Lansdown has featured here before, because it’s good at this stuff. Today’s look at the ethical fund sector is typically solid.

3) A quarter of cyclists have had their bikes stolen in the last two years, says this report from cycleGuard. That’s an astonishing statistic. Where do they all go?

4) This one from Zurich UK starts badly, telling us that “divorce is an incredibly challenging time” and a drain both emotionally and financially. Uh-huh. But it gets better. It’s based on ONS statistics and shows that divorce rates are falling. Is this because people can’t afford to get divorced? They are higher among older, presumably richer, couples.


Do flaks read City commentary?

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