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The hidden budget exclusive

One day, I hope, newspapers will come to their collective senses and decide that since the Budget has been pre-announced, we might as well give it a miss on the day itself. That doesn’t seem likely.

Speaker Lindsay Hoyle berated the Chancellor for the extensive leaks this time, suggesting it should even be a resignation matter.

If Rishi Sunak cared less, he hid it well.

It might not be great PR to be photographed in £95 designed sliders, but clearly he thinks otherwise.

Pictures of him working on the budget with his dog played better, though also led to complaints from MPs that the dog knew what was in it before they did.

As we suggested here yesterday, if your best flak efforts on the budget led nowhere, try again.

The appetite for fresh lines on the budget might last until next Monday, depending on other events.

The Red Book with all the small print is 200 pages long. There is no way we can have covered all of it.

If you or your client spot something hidden in there, something clever, offer it as an exclusive. We’d all bite your hand off for it.

Press release of the day

Are offices about to become dog friendly? Looks like a terrible idea to me, but it’s a hot topic. This from hybrid workspace Hubble says it is the future. It has linked up with BorrowMyDoggy to link dog owners with trusted dog lovers.


“Devil in the detail.” Ok, where?

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