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The real US election questions

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The real US election questions

Here is the sort of question City Editors get asked in main news conference all the time by (often crotchety) bosses.

Is the oil price going to go up or down? Should I buy gold? When are my Tesco shares going to rise?

The young City Editor gives a definitive answer and hopes he gets lucky or the editor forgets. The cocky/cross one says “if I knew that I wouldn’t be stuck here working for you”.

The experienced one concedes that he does not know, that no one knows, but then has a convincing scenario based on what he has read.

There will be lots of these questions asked about the US election in the next few days.

If Trump wins, will markets go haywire? What stocks should I buy today in readiness for that outcome?

Guides to the election and market outcomes afterwards will be well read just now.

The ones I have seen, notably from M&G and Hargreaves Lansdown, have been good, but there is room for more.

We know your experts can’t say for certain what will happen to, say, the dollar, but what we want is a clever, accessible way to think about that question.

Tell us something we don’t know, something not obvious about how markets and stocks will react here. We might need you when we’re in a tight spot.


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