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The Slap Heard Around The World

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The slap heard around the world

Who won the PR fallout from the Will Smith slap of Chris Rock?

Nearly everyone, I’d say.

For a start, both men got spectacular amounts of press, in turn revitalising interest in Oscar ceremonies where viewing figures hit a record low last year.

A debate was had about toxic masculinity and much else besides. Will Smith is getting props for standing up for his wife, at least in some quarters.

And Chris Rock ticket prices went from $40 to $400which may have helped him regard the whole incident as funny, if he didn’t already.

(This isn’t to make fun of physical assault, don’t write in.)

Amy Schumer says she is “triggered and traumatised” by the event. Is she really?

You can’t, it seems, make light of all this, even if making light of it was what nearly everyone did in person, down the pub, and on Twitter.

I think there is a real problem in our public spaces if we have to take everything deadly seriously for fear of upsetting someone, somewhere, by doing otherwise.

It makes newspapers duller and PR stunts riskier.

Our Find Out Now poll today asked: Was Will Smith right to slap Chris Rock after he made a joke about his wife?

Most say no. But just over one third of respondents thought Smith’s actions were justified. Males, those over 55, manual workers, Brexiteers, Conservative and SNP voters side with Will Smith more than other groups.

You can see a full breakdown below

Press release of the day

Low earners are the least likely to be offered a pay rise, says this from Indeed.

Those who are financially comfortable, however that is defined, are three times more likely to have got more money recently.

Jack Kennedy at Indeed said: “The cost of living is one of the biggest concerns for Britons and while some workers have seen inflation-busting pay rises driven by worker shortages, the stark reality for many is that their pay simply isn’t keeping pace.

Stories that will keep rolling

1) SoftBank to slow investments following crash in tech holdings. FT

2) Oil prices drop as Biden considers releasing reserves. BBC

3) The US sanctions an oligarch – but exempts his companies. WSJ


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