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Which firm is top of the PR-deal-advising pops? In the UK, the answer is Maitland. You can see the latest figures from MergerMarket here – scroll down to the UK bit.

This news will annoy some of you, not least since Maitland is top both for number of deals and value of deals.

That’s hard to dismiss. It’s not like they just got lucky with one big hit.

On the other hand, as Maitland itself has been keen to indicate, PR is a global game now.

Top of the global and European league tables are Finsbury, Brunswick, FTI and others keeping Maitland out of the top five.

I guess the question for rivals is whether Maitland is Leicester City, a one-off winner of the Premier League, which will soon fall back to mid-table mediocrity. Or a new power in the land — Manchester City, bolstered by some chunky foreign investment.

I dunno why, but every time I’m forced to write something nice about Maitland, a bunch of the rest of you get cross.

Raise your game, I say. Or tell me why these figures just don’t tell the true story….


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