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Roxhill's Virtual Speed Pitching​: FAQs

Your exclusive invite to a one-to-one pitching session​

Do you miss being able to grab a coffee with a journalist? Our client-exclusive sessions run for one hour, with five minutes for you to pitch directly to the journalist and an opportunity to network and discuss ideas with other PRs for the remainder.

Roxhill's Virtual Speed Pitching​: FAQs​

We’ve gathered some FAQs to help answer any questions you might have about how speed pitching works on the day.

For any further queries, please contact Olivia.

Will others be watching while I pitch?

No, it will just be you and the journalist in a separate Zoom breakout room. None of the other participants will be able to watch or listen to your pitch.

Can I pitch with a colleague?

Our sessions are designed to give you time one-on-one with the journalist, to hone your personal pitching skills. They are also short and therefore not suitable to be shared between two people. So we do ask that you go into the pitching room solo.  

How long do I get?

The actual pitching session with the journalist lasts for five minutes. However, you will also have the opportunity to network and discuss ideas with other PRs for the remainder of the hour outside of the breakout room (if you have time and would like to). 

How much is speed pitching?

Each session is £35, tickets are available to purchase via Eventbrite. If you have an exclusive promo code you can enter this at checkout for your discount.

Will the journalist ask questions?

During our four trial sessions, all of our journalists behaved slightly differently. Some were stony faced and didn’t reveal anything until the end of the pitch, others asked questions throughout. If they don’t ask questions, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested – you may just be covering all the information they need to know. Either way, remember – this isn’t an exam. We encourage our journalists to be relaxed and informal and ask them to give you a clear indication during or at the end of the session if they are interested in any of your ideas. 

When should I log on?

To help us keep the session running smoothly, and to make sure you don’t miss your slot, it’s important to be punctual. Please log on ten minutes before your allocated time slot. We will greet and introduce you to the group, and then give you a couple of minutes warning before you are automatically moved to the pitching room with the journalist. 

How many stories can I pitch?

The only thing limiting how many stories you can pitch is the time constraint. During our trial sessions participants found they had time to pitch two to three stories well, four if they were really quick. 

Can I use a PowerPoint presentation?

Yes, Zoom allows you to share your screen. However, during our trial sessions PRs who attempted a full PowerPoint found it ate up all their time, and the journalists told us in their feedback that it was unnecessary. If you still wish to use PowerPoint, we would advise sticking to imagery only.

Can I show the journalist images?

Absolutely. We understand that for some pitches, images are essential. Our sessions take place via Zoom which allows you to share your screen with the journalist and show them the images on your computer. Simply click the green “Share Screen” button in the bottom toolbar once you’ve joined the pitching room. 

When do I get my Zoom link?

You will receive an email containing your Zoom link three days before the session – keep this safe! 

How do I know when my time is up?

30 seconds before your pitching time comes to an end, a member of the Roxhill team will re-enter the pitching room. This is your signal to wrap things up.

What is the format for the session?

Roxhill virtual speed-pitching sessions last for one hour and are made up of eight five-minute pitching slots. Before and after the pitching slots, we invite PRs to join the Roxhill team to catch up with one another, chat and network. During our trial sessions, the PRs involved really enjoyed this, and benefited from a chance to discuss industry news and current challenges with one another. However, we completely understand if you have to get on with your day, and can’t stay – the choice is yours.

What should I do beforehand to prepare?

The most important thing is to practise your pitch with a timer. This will give you confidence and help you hone your pitch so you don’t have any extraneous (time-wasting) information. When you purchase a ticket, you’ll also receive a full Roxhill Speed-Pitching Package, giving you all the information you need for the day, plus our top hints and tips to help you prepare for your pitch. 

What do I do after the session?

You’ll need to follow up with the journalist after your pitch, including any requested information or assets. We do ask our journalists to respond to these follow up emails – since you’ve established a relationship with them now, your emails will stand out in their inboxes. Saying that, unfortunately we cannot guarantee coverage as a result of our sessions.

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