Roxhill Event: The PRs guide to social influencers

Event: Roxhill Event, 21 January 2020

People no longer solely rely on traditional media for their news, views and entertainment. Millions of people now turn to influential individuals on social media instead. As a result, the PR professional has had to adapt, learning to navigate the influencer landscape alongside traditional media and journalism. This can be challenging, confusing and time-consuming.

We’ve collaborated with Peg to bring you Roxhill Influence – Run by Roxhill, Powered by Peg.  Specialist influencer technology and intelligence tools to help you discover, screen and target social media influencers. To celebrate our collaboration, we’re hosting an exclusive event.

Join us to learn:

  • Why PR professionals should own influencer relationships
  • How influencers create opportunities for new business models and revenue streams
  • Top tips around influencer identification, outreach, campaigns, measuring ROI and more.

The lessons being shared come from in-depth interviews with industry leaders, such as Philip Trippenbach, Head of Influencers at Edelman, to Maddie Chester, Gleam Future’s Group Talent Manager, who represents social superstars such as Zoella and Louis Pentland who have over 35 million followers between them.

About the speaker

Nic Yeeles, the co-founder and CEO at, has worked in the influencer industry for seven years. In 2012 he worked for Simon Cowell, where he was the Director and Producer of the fastest growing YouTube channel in the world. The channel gained 100m views in less than a year by working with YouTube influencers. Having previously founded a content and marketing agency, he saw the potential in brands and agencies working with influencers, so founded Peg in 2014. Peg is an influencer intelligence platform, which over 1,700 companies across 169 countries have signed up to.

After realising that the majority of Peg’s customers were PR and comms professionals, the team decided to specialise and partner up with Roxhill—the thought leaders in media intelligence for the PR industry—by creating Roxhill Influence together: the influencer intelligence platform for PR professionals. Run by Roxhill. Powered by Peg.

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