Roxhill Breakfast: Data Journalism - Big stories from big data

Event: Roxhill Breakfast, 19 February 2020
Join us for our Roxhill Breakfast with Federica Cocco and Ryan McNeill.

As part of Roxhill’s series on the changing nature of the newsroom we will look at one of the biggest growth areas of modern newsrooms – data journalism. Many of the biggest stories over the past ten years have resulted from detailed analysis of big files of data. One of the growth areas within the media has been data journalism. Many new roles have been created in this space and data analysis skill are now a standard part of journalist training. The panel will analyse the growth of this area and give an insight into the role of data journalism from the science of the analysis to the art of stringing a narrative from the research.

The Panel

Federica Cocco is a Statistics Journalist at the FT. She previously covered UK politics, policy and statistics for The Times, the Daily Mirror and fact-checking organisation Full Fact.

Ryan McNeill is Deputy Data Journalism Editor for the Reuters news agency. He previously worked on enterprise stories about failures in the National Flood Insurance Program, antibiotic resistant infections, sea level rise and the underground market for adopted children.

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