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9 Pitching tips from the BBC [Infographic]

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Want to pitch to the BBC, but unsure how to make your it engaging?

9 top tips for pitching to the BBC, from the key journalists you're tyring to reach

These tips are for you whether you are the story, want to be the story or comment on a story. The feedback we received from BBC journalists, editors and producers was loud and clear. Your content must have a broad appeal when pitching to the BBC.

Topical stories that divide opinion or spark debate are proving increasingly popular with BBC audiences. Firstly, remember that quirky, snackable, and exclusive content creates intrigue and entices users to click. As a result, such content will always rise to the top across all BBC platforms.

This infographic offers 9 tips for pitching to the BBC and getting your story selected

Insights include:

  • Recurring themes and subjects which consistently proves popular with BBC audiences
  • Digestible formats that will make your content more attractive to editors
  • Key topics and categories that will ensure your content rises to the top

However, it should be noted that while these topics consistently do well, good content will always rise to the top. Ticking these boxes doesn’t guarantee you coverage, but it certainly increases your chances of having your story selected.

Find out more about the best tactics for pitching to the BBC

This infographic was taken from our informative eBook: The PR’s Guide to the BBC: The Business Edition, covering how the BBC works across TV, radio and online. Get your complimentary copy today to ensure your next story is featured on BBC Business news.

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