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How to use PR as a tool to carry out tactics to significantly differentiate your beauty brand on the market.

“Being featured in a magazine read by thousands is already fantastic in itself and gives an incredible boost to your brand awareness. But what other ways are there to create buzz and publicity both offline and online?
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Online PR opportunities

Social media influencers

Partner up with influencers and celebrities who are in line with your brand values and get your product in front of their audiences. For greater effect, ask them to share their experience using your products. Choose people communities are relatable to your target audience and their preferred social media channel.

Beauty bloggers/vloggers

Find relevant and popular blogs or vlogs and approach them to feature your brand, review your products, and generate engaging and informative content. Be prepared to send them samples or experiences that they can try and write their opinion. These creators also tend to create top lists, so make sure your lifestyle brand is on their list.

Guest blogging

Consider guest blogging, this involves being interviewed as a guest or getting your article featured on others’ websites. Share your expertise and knowledge by reaching out to well-known blogs and getting your piece featured.

User-generated content

Increase brand awareness by encouraging your followers on social media to share their experience with your products or brand and shout out about it. You can motivate people more if you incentivise them with free samples or experiences.

Top tip:

You can create more buzz if you organise online contests or giveaway campaigns with a specific hashtag. Set criteria for shares, likes, follows, genuine product reviews or tagging friends to boost your brand awareness.

Combine your online efforts with offline opportunities: showcase your brand and take goodies to your customers.

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Pop-up shop

Engage your target community with temporary retail spaces in high-traffic areas, places where your audience often sticks around, or consider popular events. Offer special discounts to attract potential customers and keep them engaged with product trials and samples. If you do not want to set up a store, consider distributing samples or giving out vouchers in high-traffic areas to encourage purchases.

Lifestyle events and workshops

Part of public relations is to organise events for your customers. Educate your attendees about your products or brand, with the opportunity to try them out. Invite and collaborate with industry experts who can talk about the products and answer any questions coming from the audience. Create an interactive and educational experience by offering routine trials, top tips and more. Don’t forget to involve journalists from the industry, or from your local paper who can write about your successful events and brand.

Top tip:

Get creative with your events. Ask influencers or celebrities to live stream on their channels what’s happening. Encourage and engage people with offline contests and giveaways. Join forces with other relatable business players from the fashion or wellbeing industries to sponsor an event in your local community or offer exclusive discounts and special offers to their clients. You can also dedicate an event to a good cause to showcase your brand’s social commitment.

The above lifestyle PR tactics, when implemented, will help you create a buzz. Just watch your brand awareness and brand reputation soar. Plus, the public relationship between your brand and consumers will improve. Remember, the more people are familiar with something, the more they trust it. This applies to brands as well. The more trustworthy consumers find it, the more likely they are to trust it and ultimately purchase the products, contributing to the ROI.

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