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Table of Contents

In today's fast-paced business environment, brands compete for media coverage to get people's attention. So, roping in spokespeople to champion their brands across top-tier media outlets is a powerful strategy to significantly enhance brand visibility and impact.

Spokespeople, whether they’re top dogs in the industry, corporate leaders, or celebs, carry considerable media influence in shaping how people see brands – and that directly affects Share of Voice (SoV). 

SoV is essential for every PR professional to know. Think of SoV as your brand’s spotlight within your industry, showing how much attention you receive compared to your competitors.

Monitoring, analysing, and reporting on SoV empower PR professionals to evaluate brand performance and explore strategies for enhancing media presence.

With this in mind, the emerging metric, spokespeople Share of Voice, introduces a new way to measure your spokespeople’s media coverage.

In this guide, we’ll explain what it is, why it’s a game-changer, how to enhance it, and most importantly, how to track spokespeople Share of Voice.

What is spokespeople Share of Voice?

Media share of voice

Spokespeople Share of Voice isn’t just some fancy jargon – it’s your secret weapon to see exactly where your media spokespeople shine.

Think about it. You have your finger on the pulse of every feature, media mention and quote highlighting your spokespeople – without the need for time-consuming Google searches or the hassle of manually keeping track of spreadsheets.

With spokespeople SoV, you’ll know where media outlets cover your brand representatives, whether online, in glossy magazines or in top newspapers.

Spokespeople Share of Voice essentially tells you how loud your brand’s voice is when spoken through your spokespeople, compared to the competition in the media landscape.

Why is spokespeople Share of Voice important?

Amid scepticism and misinformation, credibility is an invaluable currency. The SoV of spokespeople is a vital metric for brands looking to bolster their credibility and authority.

By strategically aligning your brand with the right journalists and leading media outlets, PRs can harness the SoV of their spokespeople to strengthen their business reputation and establish a strong media presence in their industry.

Because of their credibility and audience size, media outlets can amplify your spokesperson’s message, affecting the brand’s image and market position more deeply than smaller or niche publications.

Why monitor spokespeople Share of Voice?

Monitoring spokespeople’s share of voice is essential for several reasons, including: 

  • Brand reputation
  • Competitor research
  • Journalist insights 

Brand reputation

Comparing spokespeople within your business
PR team

Comparing spokespeople within your business provides valuable insights into the level of attention they attract.

Spokespeople Share of Voice reports on the:

  • Frequency of mentions for each spokesperson.
  • Media outlets covering them.
  • Journalists discussing their contributions.
  • Specifics of media coverage.
  • Updates on historical and real-time media coverage.

This data helps PR professionals show the impact of their spokespersons’ efforts, gaining a clearer understanding of who is gaining media recognition.

Useful tips:
  • PRs can leverage this data analysis to identify both brand strengths and areas for improving communication strategies.

  • Actively monitor feedback from media coverage, and be prepared to address any concerns or questions raised in a timely and transparent manner.

  • Showcase success stories and case studies including your spokespeople to show their impact and effectiveness in driving positive outcomes for the brand.

Competitor research

Identifying common spokespeople
spokespeople share of voice

Identifying common spokespeople extends beyond recognising the big names within your business; it’s about understanding the media landscape of voices across your industry – and that’s how spokespeople SoV impacts visibility.

By delving into what spokespeople from your competitors are discussing, when, where and who to, PR professionals can gain valuable insights into hot topics and trends shaping the industry narrative.

Useful tips:

Use this information to help your spokespeople garner more coverage on relevant topics – have your brand be part of industry coverage in top media outlets. 

The spokespeople monitoring tool from Roxhill can help you to monitor, analyse and strategise your spokespeople’s output. You’ll get a breakdown of data based on real-time and past media coverage of each spokesperson. You can also refine the results by:

  • companies
  • industries
  • specialisms
  • keywords
  • and other advanced filters.

Journalist insights

Pairing your spokespeople with the right journalists

Journalists are bombarded with pitches and press releases every day.

So, businesses must pinpoint the journalists covering their industry, topics and competitors’ spokespeople.

Knowing the spokespeople and topics that journalists gravitate to provides invaluable insights for crafting targeted pitches and messaging that resonate. 

By discerning the current coverage trends within your industry, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of journalists’ preferences and the narratives that capture their attention.

With this knowledge, you can strategically pitch your spokespeople to the right journalists or media outlets, making sure your messages stand out amidst the noise and effectively reach your target audience – pitch like a pro.

Whether it’s a feature story, an expert opinion, or an industry trend analysis, having the right spokespeople paired with the right journalists increases the opportunity for media coverage and positive brand exposure.

Useful tips:
  • Use journalist insights to uncover emerging industry trends and topics of interest. 
  • Identify journalists who frequently cover these trends to position your spokespeople as thought leaders in their respective areas. 
  • This not only boosts your brand’s credibility but also establishes a consistent presence in the media surrounding key industry developments.

How to calculate spokespeople Share of Voice

This formula measures spokespeople's share of voice:

Share of Voice = Total Media Coverage of Your Brand’s SpokespeopleTotal Media Coverage of Competitors’ Spokespeople × 100%

This formula helps you figure out the percentage of media coverage your brand’s spokespeople gets compared to your competitors’ spokespeople. 

Calculating spokespeople Share of Voice is now simpler than ever with Roxhill’s intelligent spokespeople monitoring tool. 

Centralise all your spokespeople in one place, monitor the who, what, when, and where they’re covered in the media, and create easy-to-read reports you can download.

Let us handle the heavy lifting for you and give you accurate results effortlessly.

Strategies for boosting your spokespeople Share of Voice

You can achieve an increase in the share of voice of your spokespeople in media outlets by tailoring strategic approaches to traditional media. 

Here are 7 ways to do this:

1. Press releases: Regularly issue press releases highlighting newsworthy updates, achievements, or insights from your spokespeople.

2. Media pitching: Create tailored pitches to the right journalists and editors of relevant newspaper and magazine sections. Highlight the expertise and insights of your spokespeople, offering them as valuable sources for articles or interviews.

3. Expert opinion columns: Secure recurring columns or op-ed opportunities for your spokespeople. These columns provide a platform for them to share their expertise and opinions on industry trends or issues.

4. Media partnerships: Forge partnerships with publications to feature your spokespeople as regular contributors or guest columnists. This establishes them as thought leaders within the publication’s readership.

5. Feature profiles: Pitch feature profiles or interviews with your spokespeople to newspapers and magazines. These profiles can provide readers with insights into their background, expertise, and contributions to the industry.

6. Media training: Provide media training to your spokespeople to enhance their communication skills and confidence in engaging with journalists. This prepares them to effectively deliver your brand’s message and insights to traditional media outlets.

7. Measurement and feedback: Monitor the coverage and impact of your spokespeople. Track metrics such as media mentions to assess the effectiveness of your efforts and refine your strategies.

Spokespeople Share of Voice and sentiment analysis

Whilst spokespeople Share of Voice shows how much media coverage spokespeople get…

Sentiment analysis explores tone: It digs into if the media coverage about spokespeople are mostly positive, negative, or neutral, providing qualitative insights.

Positive sentiment and high spokespeople SoV reflect success: When there’s a lot of talk about spokespeople and most of it is positive, this means your branding and communication strategies are working well.

Positive sentiment builds trust: It means journalists likes what the spokesperson is saying or doing, which strengthens their reputation and builds trust.

Negative sentiment and high spokespeople Share of Voice may signal problems: If there’s a lot of attention on spokespeople but most of it is negative, this means there are issues or PR challenges that need fixing.

Negative sentiment need attention: It’s a warning sign that something may be wrong and needs immediate attention and PR strategies to address it.

Spokespeople SoV and sentiment analysis together provide a comprehensive view of a brand’s media presence and the reputation of its spokespeople.

Tap into your spokespeople SoV data

Designed by PR professionals for PR professionals, Spokespeople Analytics puts your spokespeople front and centre, helping you build your business reputation. 

Spokespeople Share of Voice in a nutshell

Spokespeople share of voice
  • Spokespeople, like industry leaders, business executives, or celebrities, have a big impact on how people see a brand.

  • Spokespeople Share of Voice measures spokespeople’s media coverage, giving insights into where they are featured across various outlets.

  • It helps with bolstering credibility amid skepticism and misinformation as PRs can align brands with credible journalists and media outlets.

  • Monitoring yours and your competitors’ spokespeople’s SoV provides insights into brand reputation, competitor research, and journalist preferences.

  • Analysing spokespeople SoV helps PRs understand the level of attention each spokesperson garners and identify areas for improvement in communication.

  • Sentiment analysis complements spokespeople Share of Voice by providing insights into the tone of media coverage, helping gauge the success of branding and communication strategies.

6 things every PR should do next...

  1. Keep an eye on what your competitors’ spokespeople are doing in the media to find opportunities for your own outreach.

  2. Use data about your spokespeople’s media coverage to decide where to focus your PR efforts and how to spend your resources wisely.

  3. Target your PR efforts in areas where your spokespeople aren’t getting much media attention.

  4. Talk to journalists who are interested in the topics highlighted by your spokespeople’s media analysis to get more attention for your brand.

  5. Include information about your spokespeople’s media presence in regular PR reports to share with stakeholders.

  6. Make sense of your spokespeople’s media coverage with Roxhill’s intelligent Spokespeople Analytics software.

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