Education Journalist Moves - November 2018 to February 2019


Did these 6 Education Journalist move alerts come up on your database?

Keeping your press lists accurate and updated is a crucial part of making sure that you’re targeting the right people, at the right time.

Did your database allow you to keep these contacts up to date?

Fraser Whieldon

Fraser writes within the Education Management, Training and Teaching sector, covering such relevant topics. He can be found tweeting @FraserWhieldon.

Tim Dhoul

Tim mostly covers higher education topics. Tim strives to bring the world of business education to an audience without borders in his coverage of news, research and trends, and has a background in consumer journalism and the nonprofit sector.

Frankie McCamley

Frankie sits on the Education & Social Affairs desk for the BBC. She covers Education (National, Regional, Wires, Broadcast Journalists), Family topics and university issues.

Robert Wright

Robert covers the future of work, education, politics and other social policy issues. His most covered topics include Brexit, immigration policy, welfare & benefits and university, amongst others.

Mark McLaughlin

Mark covers topics such as police & policing issues, Scottish independence / regional devolution, Brexit, and alcohol intake issues.

Caroline Henshaw

Caroline writes within the Education Management, Training and Teaching sector, covering relevant topics. She has broad experience working for global media around the world as a manager and editor.

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