Target practice


Press releases, flowers or food creations - whatever you’re sending to the press/influencers you don’t want your effort, and your client’s money, to be wasted.

So how do you make sure that doesn’t happen? First of all suss out whether your target person works in the office. Even if a person is on the masthead of a magazine, or has a regular byline in a newspaper, there’s a high chance they still work from home.

Then NOTHING you send to the business address will be seen by them. I can tell you that now.

Also check who is the person who actually controls what goes in the pages – they might be more junior than you think. This will require some sleuthing.

If you are sending perishables, then check that person will be in to receive them. If you are sending breakables then make sure they are really well packaged.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve returned from a trip to find half dead flowers, mouldy chocolates or a smashed bath oil waiting for me. Nobody is going to put those on their insta feed.

But for everything I have ever received in mint condition, to the PR Gods I am truly thankful.