The Daily Holly


Oh good, here comes another email about Holly Willoughby and what she’s wearing! This one’s called: Steal Holly Willoughby’s Style For Less!

I am becoming better acquainted with Holly Willoughby’s wardrobe than my own. Each day someone in the press department of any number of British fashion retailers takes the time to kindly update me on what the TV presenter and fashion influencer is wearing and where she wore it too.

Here’s Holly in the jungle or Holly on a relaxing break away from the jungle. There’s Holly in the high street. Oh and Holly wearing high street. There’s Holly wearing clothes that aren’t actually by the brand that is emailing me, but that’s ok because they’ve recreated her look with clothes that are a bit like what she is wearing in the photograph and guess what, they’re cheaper. Brilliant.

My word, Holly Willoughby wears a lot of clothes. All the time. Every day. I’m pleased for her and she looks lovely, she really does. Fab hair too.

The only thing is, I don’t write about celebrity fashion and haven’t done for years. Neither do I write for any publication that would have any interest in what’s in Holly Willoughby’s wardrobe. So am I really the right target for your Holly email?